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Fachliteratur zu den Perseiden

Arlt, Rainer: Radiant ephemeris for the Perseid meteor shower

Arlt, Rainer: Global Analysis of the 1997 Perseids

Arlt, Rainer: Global Analysis of the 1998 Perseid Meteor Shower

Arlt, Rainer & Buchmann, Andreas: Global Analysis of the 2002 Perseids

Asher, D. J.: Recent shower calculations

Beech, Martin: The Makings of Meteor Astronomy - Part XIV

Beech, Martin & Brown, Peter: Impact probabilities on artificial satellites for the 1993 Perseid meteoroid stream

Beech, Martin; Illingworth, Alison & Brown, Peter: A telescopic search for large Perseid meteoroids

Brown, Peter; Gyssens, Marc & Rendtel, Jürgen: The Perseids 1992 - New outburst announces return of P/Swift-Tuttle

Brown, Peter & Rendtel, Jürgen: The Perseid Meteoroid Stream - Characterization of Recent Activity from Visual Observations

Denning, William Frederick: The August Perseids

Denning, William Frederick: A History of the August Meteors

Denning, William Frederick: Height of a Perseid fireball

Denning, William Frederick: Shooting stars. How to observe them and what they teach us. VI. The August Perseids.

Denning, William Frederick: The observed motion and duration of the Radiant Point of the Perseids

Denning, William Frederick: The duration of the Perseid shower

Grigore, Valentin; Berinde, Stefan & Conu, Alexandru: Perseids 2005 results in Romania

Hamid, Salah E.: The formation and evolution of the Perseid meteor stream

Hughes, David W.: The Perseid Meteor Shower

Hughes, D. W. & Emerson, B.: The stability of the node of the Perseid meteor stream

Jenniskens, P. et al. mult.: On the unusual activity of the Perseid meteor shower (1989-96) and the dust trail of comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle

Jenniskens, Peter et al. mult.: Perseid Meteors 2009

Jenniskens, Peter & Miskotte, Koen: Perseid outburst 2021

Jenniskens, P. & Taguchi, Y.: Perseid Meteors 1991

Jenniskens, P.; Webb, C. I.; Kitting, C.; Peterson, C. L.; Miskotte, K. & Vaubaillon, J.: Perseid Meteors 2008

Kidger, Mark: Comet P/Swift-Tuttle and the Perseids

King, A.: An observational test of the accuracy of Mr. Denning's ephemeris of the Perseid radiant-point

Kosai, H.; Kiuchi, T.; Tatum, J. B.; Sugie, A.; Nakano, S.; Scotti, J. V. & Marsden, B. G.: Periodic Comet Swift-Tuttle (1737 II = 1862 III = 1992t)

Koschack, Ralf; Arlt, Rainer & Rendtel, Jürgen: Global analysis of the 1991 and 1992 Perseids

Koschack, Ralf & Roggemans, Paul: The 1989 Perseid meteor stream

Lindblad, B. A.: Structure and activity of the Perseid meteor stream from visual observations 1953 - 81

Lindblad, B. A. & Simek, M.: Structure and activity of Perseid meteor stream from radar observations 1956-78

Lindblad, B. A. & Simek, M.: The activity curve of the Perseid meteor stream from Onsala radar observations 1953 - 78

Lockyer, W. J. S.: A Brilliant Perseid

Lynn, W. T.: Forster and the Perseids

Lynn, W. T.: The Perseid meteors again

Lyytinen, Esko & van Flandern, Tom: Perseid one-revolution outburst in 2004

Marsden, Brian G.: The next return of the comet of the Perseid meteors

Maslov, Mikhail: Gravitational Shifts and the Core of Perseid Meteoroid Stream

Miskotte, Koen: Perseids 2015, a global analysis

Miskotte, Koen: The Perseids in 2018 - Analysis of the visual data

Miskotte, Koen: Perseids 2020 - again, enhanced Perseid activity around solar longitude 141?

Miskotte, Koen: Perseids 2020 revisited

Miskotte, Koen & Vandeputte, Michel : The magnificent outburst of the 2016 Perseids, the analyses

Miskotte, Koen; Sugimoto, Hirofumi & Martin, Pierre: The big surprise - a late Perseid outburst on August 14, 2021!

Moser, Danielle E. & Cooke, William J.: MSFC Stream Model Preliminary Results - Modeling Recent Leonid and Perseid Encounters

Murtazov, Andrey: Bright Perseids 2007-2012 statistics. Estimation of collision risks in circumterrestrial space

Olenici, D.: The astronomy festival "Nights of the Perseids"

Olson, D. W. & Doescher, R. L.: Meteor observations on August 10 - 11, 1863

Rao, Joe: Perseids 1993 - the big one?

Rao, Joe: The 1993 Perseids from the Mediterranean Sea

Rendtel, Jürgen: Perseids 1993 - a first analysis of global data

Rendtel, Jürgen: A first global analysis of the 1994 Perseids

Rendtel, Jürgen: Perseids 1988-1995

Rendtel, Jürgen: Filament and dust trail encounters and the mean Perseid maximum 2000-2007

Rendtel, Jürgen & Arlt, Rainer: First Results of the 1999 Perseid Meteor Shower

Rendtel, Jürgen & Arlt, Rainer: The "New" Peak Failed - First Analysis of the 2000 Perseids

Rendtel, Jürgen & Brown, Peter: Near-Maximum Visual Perseid Observations Between 1988 and 1996

Roggemans, Paul: Long Term Activity of the Perseids

Roggemans, Paul: The Perseid meteor stream in 1988 - a double maximum!

Roggemanns, Paul: The Perseids - prospects for the 1993 return

Roggemanns, Paul; Gyssens, Marc & Rendtel, Jürgen: One-hour outburst of the 1991 Perseids surprises Japanese observers!

Schiaparelli, Giovanni Virginio: Sur la relation qui existe entre les comètes et les étoiles filantes

Sigismondi, Costantino: Meccanica Celeste delle Perseidi e la tradizione delle Lacrime di san Lorenzo

Simek, M. & Pecina, P.: Activity of the New Filament in the Perseid Meteor Stream

Svoren, Ján; Kanuchová, Zuzana & Jakubík, Marián: Filaments within the Perseid meteoroid stream and their coincidence with the location of mean-motion resonances

Trigo-Rodriguez, Josep Maria et al. mult.: Orbital Elements of 2004 Perseid Meteoroids Perturbed by Jupiter

Wright, Frances W. & Whipple, Fred L.: The photographic Perseid meteors

Wu, Zidian & Williams, Iwan P.: The Perseid meteor shower at the current time

Yanagisawa, Masahisa et al. mult.: The first confirmed Perseid lunar impact flash