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Fachliteratur zu den Quadrantiden

Abedin, Abedin; Spurny, Pavel; Wiegert, Paul; Pokorny, Petr; Borovicka, Jiri & Brown, Peter: On the age and formation mechanism of the core of the Quadrantid meteoroid stream

Abedin, Abedin; Wiegert, Paul; Janches, Diego; Pokorný, Petr; Brown, Peter & Hormaechea, Jose Luis: Formation and past evolution of the showers of 96P/Machholz complex

Besley, W.E.: The Quadrantid meteor-shower

Bouska, J.: Orbit of the Quadrantids

Denning, W.F.: The meteoric showers of January and December (Quadrantids and Geminids)

Fisher, Willard, J.: The Quadrantid Meteors - History to 1927

Fisher, Willard J.; Olmsted, Margaret; Sawyer, Mr.; Hodgdon, L. L. & Sayer, A. R.: A Quadrantid Radiant Photographically Determined

Gonczi, R.; Rickman, H. & Froeschle, C.: The connection between Comet P/Machholz and the Quadrantid meteor stream

Hamid, S. E. & Whipple, F. L.: Common Origin between the Quadrantids and the δ Aquarids Streams

Hasegawa, Ichiro: Orbits of Ancient and Medieval Comets

Hawkins, G. S. & Almond, Mary : Radio echo observation of the major night-time meteor streams

Hindley, K.B.: The Quadrantid meteor stream

Hughes, D. W.; Williams, I. P., & Murray, C. D.: The Quadrantid meteor stream - Past, present and future

IAU Minor Planet Center: MPEC 2003-E27 - 2003 EH1

Jenniskens, Peter: 2003 EH1 is the Quadrantid shower parent comet

Jenniskens, Peter: 2003 EH_1 and the Quadrantid shower

Jenniskens, P.; Betlem, H.; de Lignie, M.; Langbroek, M. & van Vliet, M.: Meteor stream activity. V. The Quadrantids, a very young stream

Jones, J. & Jones, W.: Comet Machholz and the Quadrantid meteor stream

Kareta, Theodore; Hergenrother, Carl; Reddy, Vishnu & Harris, Walter M.: Surfaces of (Nearly) Dormant Comets and the Recent History of the Quadrantid Meteor Shower

Kasuga, Toshihiro & Jewitt, David: Physical Observations of (196256) 2003 EH1, Presumed Parent of the Quadrantid Meteoroid Stream

Koten, P.; Borovicka, J.; Spurný, P.; Evans, S.; Stork, R. & Elliott, A.: Double station and spectroscopic observations of the Quadrantid meteor shower and the implications for its parent body

Lee, Ki-Won; Yang, Hong-Jin & Park, Myeong-Gu: Orbital Elements of Comet C/1490 Y1 and the Quadrantid shower

McBride, N. & Hughes, D.W. : The Spatial Density of the Quadrantid Meteoroid Stream - A Clue to the Decay of the Parent Comet

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Millman, Peter M. & McKinley, D. W. R.: The Quadrantid Meteor Shower

Murray, C.D.; Williams, I.P. & Hughes, D.W.: The effect of orbital evolution on the influx of Quadrantid meteoroids

Neslusan, L.; Hajduková jr., M. & Jakubík, M.: Meteor-shower complex of asteroid 2003 EH1 compared with that of comet 96P/Machholz

Neslusan, L.; Kanuchova, Z. & Tomko, D.: The meteor-shower complex of 96P/Machholz revisited

Rendtel, J.; Koschack, R. & Arlt, R.: The 1992 Quadrantid meteor shower

Rendtel, J., Rendtel, I., Otto, F., & Koschack, R.: Beobachtungen der Geminiden und Quadrantiden

Ryabova, Galina & Nagatoshi Nogami: Asteroid 2003 EH1 and the Quadrantid meteoroid stream

Sauval, Jacques: Quetelet and the Discovery of the First Meteor Showers

Sekanina, Zdenek & Chodas, Paul W.: Origin of the Marsden and Kracht Groups of Sunskirting Comets. I. Association with Comet 96P/Machholz and Its Interplanetary Complex

Shelton, J.W.: Photographic Quadrantid meteors

Ugolnikov, Oleg S. & Maslov, Igor A.: Quadrantids 2008 and 2009 - Detection of Dust in the Atmosphere by Polarization Twilight Sky Measurements

Wiegert, Paul & Brown, Peter: The Quadrantid meteoroid complex

Williams, Iwan P. & Collander-Brown, S. J.: The parent of the Quadrantid meteoroid stream

Williams, I. P.; Murray, C. D., & Hughes, D. W.: The long-term orbital evolution of the Quadrantid meteor stream